All Amici’s pizza are 12 inch round thin crust and available with either marinara or white (e.v.o.o. and fresh garlic).  Build your own cheese pizzas start at $9 plus toppings.  No substitutions on all of Amici’s specialty pizzas.
Pasta includes Side Mista salad & garlic toast
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Toppings - $1.50:
Premium Toppings - $2:
Portobello Banana peppers Bell peppers Roasted red peppers  Red onion-pineapple Basil-spinach-tomato Olive-pepperoni Spicy Italian sausage       Fresh mozzarella Salami campagnolo Calabrese hot salami Ghost pepper Anchovy Prosciutto di Parma Homemade Meatballs Goat cheese-feta-ricotta
Pomodoro Marinara-shaved romano Quattro Formaggi Asiago-romano-parmesan-mozzarella Caprino Spinach-olive-red onion-goat cheese-mozzarella Margherita Fresh garlic-fresh basil-fresh mozzarella Rustica Fresh mozzarella-roasted red peppers-pancetta Mt. Vesuvio Hot calabrese salami-hot Italian peppers-mozzarella S-P-O Spicy Italian sausage-roasted red pepper Red onion-mozzarella Tutta Guarnita Pepperoni-Portobello-roasted red pepper-mozzarella
Verona E.v.o.o.-garlic-fresh mozzarella-prosciutto di Parma-arugula Isolano Fresh pineapple-pancetta-feta-mozzarella Greco E.v.o.o.-garlic-spinach-banana pepper-feta-mozzarella Lazio Homemade meatballs-red onion-mozzarella Tre Carne Pepperoni-meatballs-spicy Italian sausage-mozzarella Napoletana Anchovies-capers-romano-mozzarella-basil Il Diavolo The hottest pizza known to man. Notify next of kin (waiver required) Verdura Spinach-Portobello-roasted red pepper-olive-mozzarella
Garlic Cheese Bread Italian bread-garlic Mozzarella-marinara Chicken Spiedini Marinated grilled chicken Bruschetta Italian toast-tomato-fresh garlic Fresh mozzarella-fresh basil
Ravioli Fritta Fried ravioli-marinara Zucchini Fritta Fried zucchini-marinara Mozzarella Fritta Fried mozzarella-marinara
Prosciutto di Parma With melon Caprese Fresh mozzarella-tomato Fresh basil-e.v.o.o. Antipasto Assortment of meats and cheese
Insalata Mista Mixed greens-tomato Lemon vinaigrette
Spinach Spinach-toasted pinenuts Goat cheese-apple- raspberry vinaigrette
Greek Lettuce-tomato-red onion Cucumber-peppers-olive Feta-Greek vinaigrette
Side Mista Mixed greens-tomato Lemon vinaigrette
Ziti con Verdura Portobello-spinach-ricotta Mozzarella-marinara Gnocchi alla Amici Homemade potato gnocchi Mozzarella-basil
Lasagna al Forno FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY Bolognese-ricotta-mozzarella- marinara Eggplant Parmigiana Side of spaghetti
Spaghetti con Polpette Spaghetti-homemade meatballs mainara Homemade Ravioli Homemade cheese ravioli marinara
Italian Hero  
Every Amici’s hero is served hot on Italian bread and comes with your choice of fries, onion rings or a Side Mista salad
Caprese Fresh mozzarella-tomato-basil Balsamic-e.v.o.o. Fury of Rome Hot calabrese salami-pepperoni Hot peppers-mozzarella-tomato Mayo-lettuce Julius Caesar Salami campagnolo-lettuce-red onion-tomato-banana peppers- mozzarella-mayo-mustard
Amici’s BLT Pancetta-lettuce-tomato- mozzarella-mayo Mediterranean Chicken Marinated grilled chicken-feta- spinach-banana peppers-mayo S-P-O-C Spicy Italian sausage-bell peppers- red onions-mozzarella Di Parma Prosciutto di Parma-fresh mozzarella-e.v.o.o.-basil
Funghi Grilled Portobello- banana peppers-lettuce Meatball Parmigiana Meatballs-marinara-mozzarella Eggplant Parmigiana Eggplant-marinara-mozzarella Chicken Parmigiana Chicken-marinara-mozzarella
Canoli (4)